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Course Description

Review of resonance and wave phenomena; acoustics of rooms and auditoriums; artificial reverberation and sound localization/spatialization; loudspeakers, enclosures, and microphones; and topics in digital audio.

  • Instructor: Jont Allen (NetID: jontalle)
  • Website
  • Text: I will "sell" you a copy of the text book for $30, and you can return it for the full price at the end of the semester, if in mint condition, or for $20 if in good condition.
  • Assignments: See Schedule


The textbook is Electroacoustics: The Analysis of Transduction, and Its Historical Background by Frederick V. Hunt. ISBN 0-88318-401-X.

Chapters 2 and 3 of the textbook are available here. You will need the DjVu viewer to read/print it. This can be found at http://djvu.org/. More specifically, there are two versions, and either should work fine: the traditional version and the open source version djview4 (recommended). Please let Prof. Allen know, and we will help you get started.

Notes and References

Spring 2008 Schedule

1/141Introduction and interview students
1/1622-port (4-terminal) network representations
1/183ABCD Matrix methods
1/18-HW 1 (Version 1.01)
1/21-No class - MLK day
1/234Reciprocity and Reversible 2-port networks
1/255Motional impedance (Hunt Ch. 2)
1/286Moving coil Loudspeaker I; 2-port equations with f = BL i, E = Bl u
1/307Loudspeaker II; lumped parameter, waves on diaphragm
1/30-HW 2 (Version 1.0) and an example of LaTeX. (due 2/15/08 at 5 PM)
You can use SYSRES to take frequency response measurements at home.
2/18Review of Basic Acoustics (Pressure, Volume velocity, SPL, dB)
2/49Waves and d'Alembert solutions in 1 and 3 dimensions
2/610Radiation impedance of a sphere
2/811Piezoelectric transducers (Mason 1939); Horn loudspeaker and throat impedance
2/11126 Network Theory Postulates; Detailed review of material on Exam I
2/12EXAM IExam I, Tues @ 7 PM in 170 EL: bring a 1 page, 2 sided, hand-written info sheet
2/13-No class due to Exam I
2/1513History of Acoustics, Part I;History of acoustics (Hunt Ch. 1); Newton's speed of sound; Lagrange & Laplace+adiabatic; Review of Exam; mop-up re Homework 2
2/15-HW2 due
2/1814Review FT, zT, LT, DTFT, DFT transforms with detailed cross comparisons
2/2015Application of the Fourier vs Laplace transform; Sampling and the Poisson Sum formula; Solving differential equations; Op amp integrator example
2/20-Part I of Final Paper Due (draft)
2/2216low-pass filter example in gory detail (FT, zT, LT, Bilinear-z, all used)
2/22-HW3 (Version 1.1) (due 3/3/08); Old version (1.0); HW3 Solutions Δ
2/2517Intensity, Energy, Power conservation, Parseval's Thm., Bode plots (NOT spectral analysis)
2/2718Short-time Fourier Transform Analysis-Synthesis
2/2919How a Guitar works; Spectral analysis
3/320Spectral Analysis and random variables: Resistor thermal noise derivation (Nyquist 1928 paper djvu) P=4kTB
3/3-HW3 due; HW4 (due 3/14/08 at 5 PM)
3/521Hilbert Transform example; Cepstral analysis
3/7-No class - Engineering Open house
3/1022wave propagation in horns and the inhomogeneous wave equation
3/1223More history; Review of FS, FT, DFT, zT, LT, filters, ->horns<-; Discuss material on Exam II
3/12EXAM IIExam II, Wed @ 7 PM in 260 EL
3/14-HW4 due
3/14-Assigned: HW5 Δ due 4/9/08
3/17-No class - Spring Break
3/19-No class - Spring Break
3/21-No class - Spring Break
3/2424Room acoustics, 1 wall = 1 image, 2 walls = inf images
3/24-Part II of Final Paper Due (draft II)
3/2625Room acoustics: arrays of images with 6 walls; Room model pdf; Room Inverse djvu
3/2826Physiological Acoustics introduction; Middle ear as a delay line
3/3127Guest Lecture: Concert Hall acoustics
4/232Guest lecture: Computer music
4/433Transmission line Theory; reflections at junctions
4/734Anatomy of the cochlea; Cochlea basic functions: Nonlinear cochlear signal processing (NLCSP): pdf, djvu; Read Sect. 3.1
4/9-HW5 due; Solution:pdf; Bauer Equivalent Circuit for freefield radiation (djvu, pdf)
4/935JND, Fechner and Weber laws, counting JNDs; 2AFC; Why is the JND important to Eng. Acoustics?; Read Sect. 3.3 NLCSP; Loudness and the JND presentation: pdf Δ
4/1136Masking, Wegel and Lane 1934, Upward spread of masking; 2 Tone suppression; Read NLCSP Sect. 3.2
4/1437How does a neuron work (Description of ion channels, lipid bilayer, Hodgin Huxley Eqs)
4/1638Audio coding, masking and cochlear compression; filter banks, modulations and bits; NLCSP Sect. 3.2
4/1839Compression of audio; quantization of audio; what is Entropy
4/2140Intuition behind Entropy, why is it useful; Brief intro to Information theory
4/2341Audio on Film (Guest Lecture Lorr Kramer) CONFIRMED 1/27/08
4/2542Sigma delta codecs (Guest Lecture?)
4/2843Hearing aid array processing (Guest Lecture: Dan Warren, Knowles)
4/2844Summary discussion and overview of course (Fun!)
5/145READING DAY; Final paper due by midnight: Please give me both a paper and pdf copy. NO DOC files

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