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  • Engineering Neuroscience
  • Syllabus: Syllabus; Schedule: 498-NS, ECE: Scroll down to 498-NS; UIUC Calendar
    *Time: 11:00-11:50 AM; 3020 ECEB; Neural Circuits and Systems;Office hrs: Monday, 2-4 PM, 3081 ECEB
    *Text: Neuroscience: A mathematical primer (Scott, 2002) pdf;
    zoom recordings ~/Documents/Zoom/498NS-Lecs_2-8_2021
    Allen text: An invitation to mathematical physics; pdf; Basic Brain Facts
    * Office Hours: Tues TBD
    *Instructor: Prof. Jont Allen (netID jontalle; Office 3062ECEB); Tuesday 2PM Location TBD
  • This week's schedule; Final: TBD

ECE-498NS Daily Schedule Spring 2020

L/WDDateNeuroscience for engineers--a first course
    Part I: Introduction and History
-/4M1/20 Instruction begins
-M1/20L1: MLK day (Holiday)
1W1/22L1: Introduction to Neuroscience for engineers; Some History;
Dynamics of a Nerve Impulse zoom recordings ~/Documents/Zoom/498NS-Lecs_2-8_2021
Read: \(\ \S \) 1.1 (p. 1-8); DNA and Genetics
2F1/24L2: The structure of a nerve cell
Read: \( \S \). 1.2 (p. 8-11); Orexin & the Theory of weight gain/loss
3/5M1/27L3: Organization of the brain; Numbers and density of neurons in the human brain;
Read: \( \S \) 1.3 (p. 11-19) AI and brain waves
4W1/29L4: The Hierarchical Nature of Brain Dynamics; Integration of the 5 sensory inputs;
Assignment: NS1 Matlab homework assignment on solving the diffusion and wave equation (Postulates, NS1);
For a discussion of the method, look at my book, \(\S\) 4.8.3 (p. 167).
An example is worked out on pages 111-113.
Read: Scott Chapter 12, \( \S \) 12.1 (p. 293-294); Solving simple differential equations
5F1/31L5: Feedback: negative vs. positive causality; Impedance and causality; Nonlinear Causality
Read: 12.1.1 (p. 298-305)
6/6M2/3L6: Biological Reductionism; Objections to Reductionism; Biodiversity;
Guest Lect 1 (Allen out of town)
Read: \( \S \) 12.1.2 (p. 296-298)
7W2/5L7:Number of amino acids is immensely greater than the number that exist
Guest Lect 2
Read: \( \S \) 12.2 (p. 305-309)
L/WDDateNeuroscience for engineers--a first course
    Part II: Structure of a Neuron
8F2/7L8:Cognitive Hierarchy
Guest Lect 3
Adiction to Caffine
Read: \( \S \) 1.3 (p. 11-19)
9/7M2/10L9: The generic neuron
Assignment: NS2, Due Feb 19, 2020 NS2
Read: \( \S \) 2.1 (p. 25-28, 189, 208)
10W2/12L10: Synapses
Read: \( \S \) 2.3 (p. 35-40)
11F2/14L11: Neural models: McCulloch–Pitts (MP) (pdf);
AI models work;
NS1 due
Read: \( \S \) 42.4.2 (p.41-43)
12/8M2/17L12: Real neurons (Fig. 2.1) vs. Σ-∆ codec, png
Read: \( \S \) 2.4.3 (p. 44-46)
13W2/19L13: Nerve membranes
Read: \( \S \) 3.1 (p. 49-53)
NS2 due
14F2/21L14: Lipid bilayers and electrical properties (capacitance and conductance)
Read: \( \S \) 3.2 (p. 53-55)
15/9M2/24L15: Review for Exam I
15/10Tu2/25 Exam I 7-10 PM Rm 3020
16W2/26L16: Ionic currents (conduction, diffusion currents)
Assignment NS3 (pdf)
Read: \( \S \) 3.3 (p. 56-57)
17F2/28L17: Nernst, Plank and Einstein relations; Membrane models Resting potentials and pumps
Read: \( \S \) 3.3.3 (p. 58-65)
18/10M3/2L18: Ch. 4, Hodgkin-Huxley model; Current analysis HH model
Read: \( \S \) 4.1, (p. 67-69)
19W3/4L19: Squid Voltage patch clamp;
Read: \( \S \) 4.2 (p. 70-74)
20F3/5L20: Space clamped neruons;
Allen out of town; no class
Read: \( \S \) 4.3 (74-77)
21/11M3/9L21: Nonlinear diffusion (cable) equation Guillain-barr syndrom
Read: \( \S \) 4.4 (p. 77-78)
22W3/11L22: Leading-edge nonlinear wave equation;
Read: \( \S \) 4.5 (79-80, 84-87)
NS3 due
23F3/13L23: Exam II 7-10 PM ECE 3020 ECEB
L/WDDateNeuroscience for engineers--a first course
    Part III: Neuronal Assemblies
24/13M3/23L24: Dendritic trees; Information processing
Neural computation
Read: \(\S\) 9.1 (p. 188-199, Fig. 9.1); \(\S\) 9.2.2 (p. 201-204);Assignment: IP1 (in the works)
25W3/25L25: Branching; Tapered Fibers; Dendritic information processing and logic (State machines)
mitrohcondrial membrane
Read: \(\S\) 9.3.1 (p. 207-210); \(\S\) 9.3 (p. 206-213), 9.4 (p. 217-220)
26/13F3/27L26: Early Evidence for Cell Assemblies Hyppocampus and memory
Read: \( \S \) 11.2-11.3 (p. 261-274)
27/14M3/30L27: Cell assemblies: Recent Evidence; proteins; EM micrographs
Assignment: IP2 (in the works); IP1 due
Read: \( \S \) 11.5--11.8 (p. 277-282)
28W4/1L28: Associative Network; Information processing; circuit1, circuit2, SigmaDelta,
Read: \( \S \) 10.1-10.1.1 (p. 234-237)
29F4/3L29: Models of Brain Dynamics IGeneralized scalar products (Allen book \( \S \) 3.5.1, Fig 3.4Read: \( \S \) 10.1.2 (p. 237-240)
30/15M4/6L30: Models of Brain Dynamics II Read: \( \S \) 10.2.2 Learning networks (Hopfield spin model) (p. 241-248)
Assignment: IP3; IP2 Due
31W4/8L31: Field Theories for the Neocortex \(\S 9.3\)
DNA information processing video, comments
RNA information processing video
Read: \( \S \) 9.3, 10.3 (p. 248-252)
32F4/10L32: The makeup of a virus: vurlient DNA, What is a virus;
Fungi can exploding ants
Read: \( \S \) 4.2 (p. 70-74)
33/16M4/13L33: Attention (I); (II);
speech coding process
Read: \( \S \) 5.1-5-2 (p. 96-106) Leading-edge models
VC2 Due
34W4/15L34: Ch 5: Leading-Edge models: Fine-tuning the HH model to work off the onset of the pulse Diode model
Read: \( \S \) 5.3-5.6 (p. 106-112)
35F4/17L35: Recovery models: MC model
Read: \( \S \) 6.1 (p. 115-122)
36/17M4/20L36: FitzHugh-Nagumo (FN) neuristor simplified model
Read: \( \S \) 6.2 (p. 122-129)
37W4/22L37: How does the cochlea work? (pdf, pdf);
Structure of an FN impulse (p. 124)
Read: \( \S \) 6.3 (p. 130-136)
38F4/24L38: Nonlinear cochlear signal processing and speech perception,
Read: pdf, Ashmore Lecture
39/18M4/27L39: Ephaptic Evidence (Robustness models). (p. 165)
Read: \( \S \) 8.0-8.3 (p. 165-169)
40W4/29L40: Virus, bactaeria, antibodies, and bacteriophages (phage, CRISPER)
Short term memory
Read: url
41F5/1L41: Guest lecture Prof. Anu Aggerwal, Neuromorphic VLSI realization of the Hippocampal Formation, pdf
Backup lecture: Modern AI and its future The brain atlas
Read: \( \S \) (p. )
42/18M 5/4L42: review of book
Read: \( \S \) (p. )
43W5/6L43: Guest Lecture: Vikor Gruev. Title: Wearable Bio-Inspired Imaging System for Image Guided Surgery
Read: \( \S \) (p. )
L/WDDateNeuroscience for engineers--a first course
-/19W5/6 Instruction Ends
-/19R5/7 Reading Day
-/20F5/15 Final paper due last day of exams

 ||- || F || 5/?? ||  Backup: Exam III 7:00-10:00+ PM on HW1-HW11atest>><<

L= Lecture #
T= Topic #
W=week of the year, starting from Jan 1
D=day: T is Tue, W Wed, R Thur, S Sat, etc.
Each exam (I, II and Final paper) will count as 30% of your final grade, while the Assignments (NS1-DE3) plus class participation (Prof's Discuression), count for 10%. Please return the final paper by the end of the exam period.

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