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Bibliography: Allen bibliography (pdf), Complete list: (pdf) (Note: This list includes items that were never published!)


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Video of presentation



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Book on Math+Physics+History

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Mech of Hearing, Canada

St Cathrin, photos,

 MOH Proceedings



Speech perception

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Middle ear models and analysis

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Middle ear

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Coclhear modeling

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Middle ear

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Speech processing

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Audiogenic seizures

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Speech perception

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Middle ear models

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Hearing Aid receiver model (Presentation)

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Speech perception in HI ears

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Clinical ME measurements

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Hearing Aid Transducer models

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Human Speech perception

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Clinical measurements of the ME

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Horn acoustics

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Speech perception

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Speech Perception

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Bone conduction model

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Tympanic membrane model

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Middle Ear Calibration using FPL

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Speech Perception

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Middle ear Calibration & WAI

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Speech Perception

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Middle ear impedance & WAI

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Middle ear & TM wave-model

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Speech Perception

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A Relationship of Speech Perception and Amplification for Hearing-Impaired Listeners


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