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DatePresenterPaper Abrev TitleAuthor (year)FMTPresentation
MM/DD/09NameAbrev TitleAuthor (year)djvu?doc
Jan 2010Woojae/AnjaliFeature detectionVanTasell Et Al (1987)
ASAPJontHSR and the AIAllen (2007)pdf Δ 
ASAPRogerBasilar Membrane Responses to Noise at a Basal Site of the Chinchilla Cochlea: Quasi-Linear FilteringRuggero EtAl (2009)djvu Δ 
TBDAnjali+WoojaePhonological Universals, UIUC Presentation Nov 5, 2009Ohala (2009)ppt Δ 
ASAPAnjali+WoojaeAbsorption of reliable spectral characteristics in auditory perceptionKiefte & Kluender (2008) 
ASAPOHC BasicsPower Efficiency of Outer Hair Cell Somatic ElectromotilityRabbittEtAl09
ASAPAndreaModulation processing in the ICNelson+Carney (2007)
ASAPRiya+RogerAllen–Fahey and related exp's support predominance of cochlear slow-wave emissions
SheraEtAl07.pdfpdf Δ 
ASAPAndreaFast motile resp OHC: Cellular basis of the CAAshmore (1987)djvu Δ 
ASAPAndrea+Jont3D model of current flow in a cochlear model and the mechanism of the CAAshmore (2009)
pdf Δ 
ASAPRiyaMasking growth in HI earsNelson & Schroder (1997)
ASAPAndreaCochlear and neural modelHeinz et al (2001)
Repeat 9/17/09
ASAPBobGreenberg 1998: Speaking in shorthand: ...Greenberg (1998)
11/05/09Chong+Riya+FeipengLoudness its definition, interpretation and calculationFletcher+Munson (1933)
TBDFeipengTime-Warp–Invariant Neuronal ProcessingGütig1, Sompolinsky (2009)PLoS 
ASAPAbhinauvCue-enhancement and intelligibility of nonsense material in noiseHazan, Simpson (1998)
ASAPTBDDelgutte V: Vowles in noiseDelgutte+Kiang (1984)
ASAPTBDDelgutte IV: Dynamic ConsonantsDelgutte+Kiang (1984)
ASAPTBDDelgutte II: Processing schemes for VowelsDelgutte+Kiang (1984)
ASAPTBDDelgutte I: VowelsDelgutte+Kiang (1984)
ASAPTBDGreenberg IV:Ear-club presentation(2007)
ASAPFeipeng+WoojaeGreenberg III: Multi-Tier Theory(2006)
ASAPTBDGreenberg+Arai II: What are the Essential cues for understanding Spoken Language?(2006)
ASAPFeipeng+BobGreenberg+Arai I: Speech and Modulation(2001)
ASAPKramerDau V: Envelope Modulation processing and spectral masking
Dau+Derleth (2000a)djvu? 
ASAPTBDDau IV: NB noise modulation detection(1999b)djvu? 
01/21/10Andrea+Roger"Speech Recognition in Noise: Est. Effects of Compressive BM NL,"Dubno etal(2007)
01/14/10Andrea+Roger"Basilar Membrane Nonlinearity and Its Influence on AN Rate-intensity Functions"G. Yates 

Papers on Hold

  • Papers on: speech perception, feature extraction, event detection, psychophysics, cochlear modeling, etc., by authors including Dubno, Kamm, Greenberg, Alwan, Grant, Heil, Delgutte, Shera, Neely, ...
  • Reading List:
  • Rhode JASA papers on the cochlea
  • NL cochlear modeling document by JBA
  • Dead Regions in the Cochlea Moore (2001)

kapok Archives

Suggestions From Judy

Sandeep and Jont,
Here are four papers related to the SRT that might be useful:

  • Plomp (1986) reported SRT values for low-pass filtered speech (his Fig 7), which demonstrates the relationship between the SRT and speech bandwidth. Similar results were reported in the original paper describing the HINT (Nilsson et al., 1994).
  • Van Tasell and Yanz (1987) shows a strong relation between SRT and high-frequency hearing using spectrally shaped speech.
  • Results of Smoorenburg (1992) show a strong relation between SRT and thresholds at 2.0 and 4.0 kHz with a large sample size.


  • Nilsson M, Soli S, Sullivan JA (1994) Development of the Hearing In Noise Test for the measurement of speech reception thresholds in quiet and in noise. J Acoust Soc Am 95:1085-1099.
  • Plomp R (1986) A signal-to-noise ratio model for the speech-reception threshold of the hearing impaired. J Speech Hear Res 29:146-154.
  • Smoorenburg GF (1992) Speech reception in quiet and in noisy conditions by individuals with noise-induced hearing loss in relation to their tone audiogram. J Acoust Soc Am 91:421-437.
  • Van Tasell DJ, Yanz JL (1987). Speech recognition threshold in noise: Effects of hearing loss, frequency response, and speech materials. J Speech Hear Res 30:377-386.

Best of luck,

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