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Journal Club

Spring 2010 meeting time is: Wed 10:00am-12:00am, 2169 BI (on and after Jun 23). The papers we read are either at: Djvu?, papers? or auditorymodels.org.
A list of papers for future review can be found at: Journal Papers for Review

2010 Schedule

Date Presenter Paper Abrev Title Author (year) [[Papers:/FILENAME.pdf|pdf]] Presentation
Nov-17-2010 Roger Analyzing phonetic confusions using formal concept analysis Peláez-Moreno, García-Moral, Valverde-Albacete 2010 pdf Δ PelaezMoreno2010
Nov-10-2010 Algorithm that improves speech intelligibility in noise for NH listeners Kim, Lu, Hu, and Loizou 2009 pdf Δ
Nov-3-2010 Noori/Jont Cochlea-scaled entropy Stilp & Kluender 2009 pdf Δ
Oct-27-2010 Everyone R01 review http://auditorymodels.org/HSR/R01-SNR.10/
Oct-20-2010 Everyone R01 review http://auditorymodels.org/HSR/R01-SNR.10/
Oct-13-2010 Chong Dichotic speech recognition in noise using reduced spectral cues Loizou, Mani, & Dorman 2003 pdf Δ
Oct-06-2010 Austin/Jont Integration across frequency bands for consonant identification Ronan 2004 pdf Δ
Sep-29-2010 Cvengros/Serwy The Growth of Auditory Sensation Munson 1947 pdf Δ Munson47
Sep-22-2010 Andrea/Jont Reasons why current speech-enhancement algorithms do not improve speech intelligibility and suggested solutions Philipos C Loizou and Gibak Kim pdf?
Sep-15-2010 Woojae/Sarah Beyond Cochlear Implant; Cochlear Implant and Brain Plasticity Moore & Shannon 2009; Fallon, Irvine, & Shepherd 2008 Moore09(pdf) Δ; Fallon08(pdf) Δ
Sep-8-2010 Roger A new analogy between mechanical and electrical systems F.A. Firestone (1933) pdf Δ Firestone33
Sep-1-2010 Woojae and Bob Speech Perception II Diehl, Lotto, & Holt 2004 'djvu'?
Aug-25-2010 Woojae and Bob Speech Perception I Diehl, Lotto, & Holt 2004 'djvu'?
Aug-18-2010 Roger Cochlear macromechanics: Time domain solutions Allen & Sondhi 1979 AllenSondhi79
Aug-11-2010 TBD Acoustic and perceptual characteristics of voicing in fricatives and fricative clusters Stevens et al (1992) djvu
Aug-4-2010 Abhinauv, Anjali, Riya Speech Recognition: A model and a program for research Halle and Stevens djvu
July-28-2010 Bob, Austin Consonant identification in consonant-vowel-consonant syllables in speech-spectrum noise Woods, Yund, et al.
July-21-2010 Woojae Adding insult to injury: cochlear nerve degeneration after "temporary" noise-induced hearing loss Kujawa and Liberman
July-14-2010 Abhinauv Invariant Cues for Place of Articulation in Stop Consonants Stevens and Blumstein 1978
June-30-2010 Woojae, Anjali; Austin Children's recognition of Am English consonants in noise; Analysis of Vowels in Noise: Vowel Performances in Different SNR Regimes Nishi et al; Len Pan pdf
June-23-2010 Woojae Speech Reception in Relation to Pattern of Pure tone loss Carhart(1946) Will update soon
June-16-2010 Noori, Katie, Roger and Jont 1, 2 and 3D Horns Allen (2010) pdf Δ
June-9-2010 Anjali, Abhinauv ASR and feature extraction: Fricatives (2001) Amhed, VanDerSpiegel, Muller pdf
June-2-2010 Woojae, Others Multi-site Diag AN; Reflex1; Reflex2 (dead regions & acoustic reflex) Berlin pdf,pdf, pdf
May-26-2010 Riya Perception of Roughness in HI listeners (i.e., Finding dead regions) Tufts pdf?
May-19-2010 Abhinauv, Anjali ASR and feature extraction: Stops (2001) Ali, VanDerSpiegel, Mueller pdf
May-12-2010 Jont, Andrea + others General discussion: Statistics of CM and the use of ANOVA; Fisher Information Group
04-28-2010 Roger A composit Aud Model for processing speech sounds Deng and Geisler (1987)
04-07 Jont, Andrea Resps of ANF to nasal CV syllables Deng, Geisler and Greenberg (1987)
03-31 All Group member presentations
03-10 Jont+Chong Login to view details
03-03 Bob Effects of Noise on Speech Production:Acoustic and Perceptual Analyses Van Summers et al. , Will update soon
02-24 Abhinauv Towards a theory of Speech Perception Cole and Scott pdf Will update soon
02-10 Woojae Speech waveform envelope cuse for consonant recognition VanTasell et al(JASA 1987) Will update soon
02-04 Joseph Keshet's visiting - - - RENAME?
01-27 Riya Within Channel Cues in CMR Verhey et al(1999) RENAME?
01-21 Roger Speech Recognition in Noise: Est. Effects of Compressive BM NL Dubno etal(2007) DubnoEtAl07

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