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12/18/2008FeipengDevelopment of a fast method for determining psychophysical tuning curvesSek et al (2005)-
12/11/2008LenAcoustic Characteristics of American English VowelsHillenbrand et al (1995)-
12/4/2008Allen & othersModeling Speech Perception in Noise: The Stop Consonants as a Case StudyAlwan PhD Thesis (1992)-
11/21-22/2008AllJoint meeting with UIUC (Allen) and Purdue (M Heinz)2269BI 8AM-5PM-
11/20/2008AllPrepare for Nov 21-22 presentations -
11/20/2008FeipengSpeech recognition as a function of high-pass filter cutoff frequency for people with and without low-frequency cochlear dead regionsVinay & Moore (2007)-
11/13/2008JontThe Role of Micromechanics in Explaining Two-Tone Suppression and the Upward Spread of Masking; Cochlear Macromechanics: Time Domain Solutions; 2D "How-To" (2000)Allen & Sen MOH talk (2002), Allen & Sondhi (1979), Allen memo (2000)-
11/13/2008RogerTwo-tone suppression in cochlear mechanicsCooper (1996)-
11/13/2008AndreaTwo-tone suppression of basilar membrane vibrations in the base of the guinea pig cochlea using "low-side" suppressorsGeisler & Nuttall (1997)-
11/6/2008FeipengPhD prelim rehearsal -
10/30/2008JontBasic Auditory Processing Skills and Specific Language Impairment: A New Look at an Old HypothesisCorriveau, Pasquini, Goswami (2007)-
10/9-30/2008Anjali, Feipeng, Abhinauv, Jont & othersBlumstein papersSB78, SB79, BSN77, KB84, KB87
10/2/2008GroupR21 GrantHSR-
9/18/2008Jont, Roger, & AndreaLoudness patterns - A New ApproachMunson and Gardner (1950)-
9/4/2008JontMutual suppression in the 6 kHz region of sensitive chinchilla cochleaeRhode (2007)-
8/28/2008FeipengSpeech PerceptionDiehl, Lotto, & Holt (2004)-
8/7/2008AbhinauvA unified mechanism for spontaneous-rate and first-spike timing in the auditory nerveKrishna (2001)-
7/24/2008Len & AnjaliRelative importance of temporal information in various frequency regions for consonant id in quiet and noiseApoux & Bacon (2004) and (2008)-
7/17/2008AbhinauvA Psychoacoustic-masking model to predict the perception of speech-like stimuli in noiseHant & Alberwan (2003)-
7/10/2008AllResearch Progress -
6/26/2008Allen in Marginy with HynekPrep for ASA -
6/19/2008Roger & Anjali & AndreaMaskingDuifhuis (1973) and (1980)-
6/12/2008FeipengRat speechReed...Rosen (2003)-
6/5/2008Roger & JontSpeech-like sounds and their AN representationDelgutte (1980)-
5/29/2008Anjali & JiHayLow-Level Information and High-Level Perception: The Case of Speech in NoiseNahum, Nelken, Ahissar (2008)-
5/22/2008FeiPengTemporal information for Consonant identificationApoux & Bacon (2004)-
5/15/2008RogerA) Prestinís Role in Cochlear Frequency Tuning and Transmission of Mechanical Responses to Neural Excitation,
B) The Growth of Auditory Sensation
Lagard et al (2008), Munson (1947)-
5/1/2008LenOn the role of spectral transition for speech perceptionFurui (1986)-
4/24/2008Andrea & JontMeddis model of thresholdsMeddis (2006), Krishna (2006), NeubauerHeil (2004), Meddis Reply-
4/17/2008Andrea & AbhinauvHeil and Neubauer model of thresholdsHeil et al (2006)-
4/10/2008Roger & JontWave model of cat tympanic membraneParent & Allen (2007)-
4/4/2008Abhinauv & FeipengThe perception of speech and its relation to telephonyFletcher & Galt (1950)-
3/27/2008JontThe perception of speech and its relation to telephonyFletcher & Galt (1950)N/A
3/13/2008Len & AnjaliAn analysis of perceptual confusions among some English consonantsMiller & Nicely (1955)to be uploaded
3/6/2008Anjali & Souk-YongConsonant recognition and the articulation indexAllen (2005)to be uploaded
2/28/2008FeipengNarrow Band Speech and Pitch Detection ThresholdsYapa & Allen (2006)Summary
2/21/2008Abhinauv & RogerFactors governing the intelligibility of speech soundsFrench & Steinberg (1947)to be uploaded
2/14/2008Len & ReggieDunn and WhiteDunn & White (1940)N/A
2/07/2008Feipeng & AnjaliFactors governing the intelligibility of speech soundsFrench & Steinberg (1947)F&S47_part1
1/31/2008RogerConsonant and vowel confusions in speech-weighted noisePhatak & Allen (2007)to be uploaded
1/24/2008AbhinauvConsonant confusions in white noisePhatak & Allen (2008)to be uploaded
1/10/2008JontThe detection of /t/Regnier & Allen (2008)N/A

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